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Reef Basin

The Leafiness Reef Basin melds crisp, geometric lines with a spacious design, encapsulated in a radiant white finish, setting the gold standard for modern bathroom elegance.
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Discover the allure of the Leafiness Reef Basin: a fusion of classic sophistication and contemporary design. This basin is shaped with precision, boasting clean, angular lines that define its spacious rectangular form. The flawless white finish enhances the basin's sleek architecture, making it the focal point of any modern bathroom.

Size: L552 x W401 x H112
Actual volume: 9L
Color: White
Material: Polymer
Overflow hole: Provided

Key Features:

1.Architectural Precision:The rectangular shape offers a structured look that complements the modern bathroom aesthetic.
2.Generous Proportions:Ample space for daily use while maintaining a compact footprint.
3.Immaculate White Sheen:A glossy finish that speaks to cleanliness and timeless elegance.
4.Efficient Design:A minimalist approach that doesn’t compromise on function, ensuring a seamless integration into diverse bathroom styles.

User Experience:

The Leafiness Reef Basin delivers an experience where form flawlessly meets function. Its geometric precision not only serves as an aesthetic statement but also provides a commodious wash area. The sophisticated lines and pristine surface elevate daily routines into moments of pure luxury.

The Leafiness Promise:

Leafiness is committed to crafting experiences that transcend the ordinary, and the Reef Basin embodies this commitment. It represents our passion for combining artistic design with practical utility, offering you a basin that is not only a delight to use but also a testament to superior craftsmanship. Welcome to a world where every wash is an indulgence with Leafiness.


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