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  • 台盆5
  • 台盆5
  • 台盆5
  • 台盆5
  • 台盆5
  • 台盆5

Drop Basin

Drop Basin combines contemporary style with a flawless white finish, offering an epitome of modern elegance in a circular design.
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  • 台盆5
  • 台盆5
  • 台盆5
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Immerse yourself in the essence of contemporary elegance with the Leafiness Drop Basin. Meticulously crafted to resemble a droplet of purity, this basin is a testament to minimalist design and fluid functionality.

Size: L557 x W370 x H121
Actual volume: 7L
Color: White
Material: Polymer
Overflow hole: Provided

Key Features:

1.Drop-Inspired Contour:The organic, teardrop shape reflects the seamless elegance of water, offering a serene and fluid bathroom experience.
2.Sleek Polymer Finish:This basin’s polymer construction ensures both durability and a pristine finish, allowing for swift and effortless cleaning.
3.Prismatic White Tone:A classic, crisp white that integrates seamlessly with diverse bathroom interiors, maintaining its allure over time.
4.Integrated Overflow Hole:An essential feature for practicality and peace of mind, preventing spills and facilitating a swift water flow.

User Experience:

Engaging with the Leafiness Drop Basin, users will find themselves enveloped in a synthesis of art and functionality. Its undulating contours are not only pleasing to the eye but also offer ease of use, transforming every interaction into a luxurious experience.

The Leafiness Commitment:

Leafiness is dedicated to transcending the ordinary, delivering products that embody modern artistry and exceptional functionality. The Drop Basin exemplifies our promise, serving not simply as a utility but as a statement of refined taste and innovative design. Step into the Leafiness experience, where every detail is crafted with sophistication in mind.

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