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Marea Basin

The Marea Basin presents a refined, minimalist design in a pristine white finish, embodying sophistication in every curve.
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  • 台盆4
  • 台盆4
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Elevate your bathroom aesthetics with the Leafiness Marea Basin. Shaped to embody the gentle lapping waves of the sea, this basin stands as a paragon of minimalist design and fluid functionality. Its immaculate white finish and smooth, oceanic contours ensure a harmonious blend of form and function.

Size: L393 x W393 x H160
Actual volume: 9L
Color: White
Material: Polymer
Overflow hole: Provided

Key Features:

1.Ocean-Inspired Curvature:A flowing, uninterrupted form that captures the tranquil essence of the sea, offering a serene bathroom experience.
2.Minimalist Aesthetic:The essence of modern design, stripping back to basics to present a basin with a clean and contemporary look.
3.Pristine White Finish:A timeless white that accentuates the basin's sleek design, ensuring it stands out as a focal point in any decor.
4.Smooth Sloping Edges:Crafted for elegance and functionality, these edges guide water seamlessly towards the drain, minimizing splash-back and facilitating ease of cleaning.

User Experience:

Utilizing the Leafiness Marea Basin is an immersion in cultivated elegance. The minimalist design not only simplifies upkeep but also enhances the fluidity of water movement. Each use is an indulgence, with hands caressing the basin's smooth surface, embodying a lifestyle that prizes beauty and practicality.

The Leafiness Commitment:

Leafiness is synonymous with the fusion of creativity and practicality. The Marea Basin embodies our ethos, melding sleek design with functional excellence. Our commitment ensures that this basin doesn't just fulfill its purpose but also enriches your daily routine, infusing it with an air of refined luxury. With Leafiness, experience a bathroom transformed into a haven of elevated tranquility.

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