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Kerese Basin

The Leafiness Kerese Basin radiates nature's serenity with its petal-like design, casting an aura of tranquility and refinement in a flawless white finish.
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  • 台盆3
  • 台盆3
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Bask in the organic beauty of the Leafiness Kerese Basin, a masterpiece that captures the essence of floral elegance in your bathroom. The basin's design, reminiscent of a blossom cradling dew, brings nature's serenity to your daily ritual. Its pristine white finish and gracefully sculpted edges are not just visually stunning but designed to enhance the flow of water, making every use a refreshing escape.

Size: L535 x W450 x H150
Actual volume: 7L
Color: White
Material: Polymer
Overflow hole: Provided
Faucet hole: Single hole

Key Features:

1.Nature-Inspired Elegance:The basin's contours and grooves take cues from the gentle form of petals, offering a floral serenity to your space.
2.Pristine White Finish:A lustrous white that not only underscores the basin's delicate form but also promises timeless elegance.
3.Meticulous Detailing:Each line and curve is crafted with precision, ensuring that beauty meets practicality in every aspect.
4.Sculpted Contours:The basin's edges, shaped like petals unfolding, turn a functional piece into a statement of artistry.

User Experience:

Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of nature with the Leafiness Kerese Basin. Its floral-inspired structure is not merely for admiration but also crafted for an efficient and splash-free use. The soft touch of its curves offers a tactile experience akin to a petal's caress, making your daily routine an indulgent affair.

The Leafiness Promise:

Inspired by the finesse of the natural world, Leafiness brings the Kerese Basin, a harmonious blend of artful design and utility. We pledge products that elevate your living space, infusing it with nature's tranquility and grace. Embrace the Leafiness way, where luxury blooms in the most unexpected places.

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