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Marea Bathtub

"Immerse yourself in the embrace of the Leafiness Marea Bathtub, where the fluidity of ocean waves meets the tranquility of modern design."
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Drift into relaxation with the Leafiness Marea Bathtub, a vessel that captures the essence of oceanic calm. The design draws inspiration from the gentle and rhythmic movement of sea waves, offering a tranquil bathing experience that combines the simplicity of the sea with contemporary sophistication.

Size: L1583 x W750 x H555
Actual volume: 305L
Color: White
Material: Polymer
Drainage Method: Designed for efficient and complete water flow

Key Features:

1.Oceanic Contours:The bathtub’s shape mimics the open embrace of a wave, providing depth for a fully immersive soak.
2.Sleek, Rounded Edges:Ensuring comfort and safety for a relaxing and stress-free bathing experience.
3.Expansive Interior:Spacious design for luxurious, unrestricted movement, echoing the vastness of the ocean.

User Experience:
 The Marea Bathtub transforms your daily soak into a voyage across serene waters, offering a spacious retreat to unwind and rejuvenate in the comfort of your home.

The Leafiness Promise:
 Embodying the spirit of the sea, Leafiness pledges to deliver not just a bathtub, but a sanctuary where the calming properties of water are harnessed to provide a restorative and peaceful escape from the everyday.

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