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Drop Bathtub

Dive into the serene embrace of the Leafiness Drop Bathtub, where the elegance of minimalist design meets the tranquil luxury of a soothing soak.
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Immerse yourself in the embrace of the Leafiness Drop Bathtub, an embodiment of modern design and serene luxury. Shaped to mimic the purity of a water droplet, this bathtub’s circular contour and pristine white finish radiate calmness and sophistication. With generous dimensions, it provides a spacious haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Size: L1839 x W893 x H579
Actual volume: 280L
Color: White
Material: Polymer
Drainage Method: Efficiently designed for quick and complete water release


Key Features:

1.Fluid Design:Inspired by the natural form of a drop of water, offering a visually soothing experience.
2.Generous Proportions:A spacious interior to indulge in a luxurious, full-bodied soak.
3.Sleek Polymer Surface:A contemporary material that ensures durability, ease of maintenance, and enduring luster.
4.Intuitive Comfort:The bathtub’s ergonomic design supports a relaxed posture, enhancing the bathing experience.

User Experience:

The Leafiness Drop Bathtub transcends the ordinary, transforming your bath into an oasis of tranquility. Its enveloping shape and ample size offer a sanctuary from the everyday, inviting you to unwind in a bath that feels like a gentle embrace.

The Leafiness Promise:

At Leafiness, we craft more than just bathtubs; we create experiences that soothe the soul. The Drop Bathtub is a reflection of our commitment to innovative design and exceptional comfort. Step into the Leafiness Drop Bathtub and let the stresses of the day dissolve in the simplicity of its design.


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