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  • 智能马桶1
  • 智能马桶1
  • 智能马桶1
  • 智能马桶1
  • 智能马桶1
  • 智能马桶1

Xerix Intelligent Toilet

Leafiness's Xerix Intelligent Toilet provides a harmonious fusion of top-tier features and the Xerix flush system, ensuring unmatched functionality coupled with environmental mindfulness.
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  • 智能马桶1
  • 智能马桶1
  • 智能马桶1
  • Description

Experience next-level bathroom innovation with the Leafiness Intelligent Toilet. Infusing modern technology with sustainable designs, it promises a unique blend of luxury and eco-consciousness.

Key Features:

1.Xerix Flush System:Leading the charge in eco-efficiency, the toilet ensures water savings by utilizing under 2.5L per flush, maximizing cleanliness while minimizing waste.
2.Elegant Design:With a modern aesthetic and thoughtful design, it's a fitting addition to contemporary bathrooms.
3.Comprehensive Cleaning Options:
Feminine Cleaning:Tailored for feminine hygiene.
Hip Cleaning:Effective rear cleansing for daily freshness.
Massage Cleaning:Gentle pulsating streams for a soothing experience.
4.Drying Function:Enjoy a burst of warm air post-cleaning, ensuring a dry and comfortable finish.

5.Heated Seat:An adjustable heated seat offers unmatched comfort during colder months.
6.Water Filtration:Ensures clean and safe water for every use.
7.Instant Heat Water System:Get warm water on-demand without any waiting period.
8.Remote Control:Ease of operation with a user-friendly remote.
9.Nozzle Self-Cleaning:Maintains a clean nozzle after every use for maximum hygiene.
10.Overheat Protection:Ensures safety by preventing excessive heating.
11.Ambient Lighting:Enhances the aesthetic appeal and ensures visibility in low-light settings.
12.Side Press Flushing & Auto Flushing:Offers manual flushing with a side press and automatic flushing post usage.
13.Personalized Settings:Customize various features according to individual preferences for a tailored bathroom experience.

User Experience:
Leafiness's Intelligent Toilet epitomizes the pinnacle of restroom luxury. From its personalized settings to the myriad cleaning options, users can revel in a restroom experience that's both indulgent and sustainable.

The Leafiness Promise:
At Leafiness, we harmonize luxury with sustainability. Our Intelligent Toilet, equipped with the Xerix flush system, stands as a testament to this commitment. Dive into a world where innovative features meet eco-friendliness, only with Leafiness.


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